4 University/College Planning Tips for Ontario Grade 12 Students

By Teresa Cooney

Your graduating year is one of the most special, but pressure-filled of your high school career.  Since your school’s guidance counselors are busy in the first couple of weeks doing new registrations and course changes, they probably  won’t have time to see you to discuss post-secondary education planning until later in September.  Here’s a list of four things that you can and should do right now to get yourself ready:

1.  Check Your Timetable

Make sure that your current timetable has at least six grade 12 U/M courses if you intend to pursue a degree program at university or college, and that you will have completed all diploma requirements by the end of this school year.  If not, see your school counselor as soon as possible.

2.  Look Into Some Programs

If you haven’t done so already, research schools, programs, required courses and averages for university at www.electronicinfo.ca.  Don’t forget to  research college programs, both diplomas and degrees, at www.ontariocolleges.ca.

3.  Attend University and College Fairs

Plan on visiting the Ontario University Fair and the Ontario College Fair.  You will benefit more from these fairs if you have already created a shortlist of schools and programs that you’re interested in learning more about.

4.  Start Looking For Money

Do some financial planning with your parents.  Use the OSAP Aid Estimator together to see how much assistance may be available to you (www.osap.gov.on.ca).  Research bursaries and scholarships through sites such as StudentAwards.com, and remember to find out about awards offered by your school.

Teresa Cooney counsels high school students in Newmarket, Ontario.

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Posted by michaelgregoris on Apr. 25, 2013 at 10:54AM

universitybound3 wrote: so glad I did alot of this during the summer! :)

Posted by universitybound3 on Sep. 11, 2012 at 07:00PM

christinarobertson wrote: Just so everyone is updated, this year's Ontario University Fair will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Friday, September 28, Saturday, September 29, and Sunday, September 30 from 10am to 5pm!

Posted by christinarobertson on Aug. 22, 2012 at 01:00PM

steveberry wrote: transcript so far

Posted by steveberry on Dec. 01, 2011 at 02:07PM

steveberry wrote: and most important start thinking of jobs related to your program for next summer thats what pays off in the end. You dont want to walk around with piece of paper with no experience. Im uoft graduate and on one out of 4 employers have asked for my

Posted by steveberry on Dec. 01, 2011 at 02:07PM

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